A method of making password door lock

A method of making password door lock
[Technical field]
[0001] This invention involves the safety mechanism of the door lock, especially a new type of switch door lock.
[Background Technology]
[0002] Mainstream coded lock and mechanical lock: because the lock itself is a kind of mechanical blocking mechanism, it will eventually be completed by mechanical action. While the electronic lock must complete a series of processes including mechanical action (operation)-Electronic conversion and electronic control-mechanical execution. It is obviously more complicated.
[0003] the failure probability is relatively high:
If there are too many electronic devices, the complexity will inevitably increase the probability of failure. In addition, the electronic devices are afraid of moisture, strong magnetoelectricity and strong vibration, which makes it have certain requirements on the operating environment. And mechanical lock can easily avoid these weaknesses through some measures. If a TV set is broken, you don't have to send it to repair for the time being. However, if the electronic lock is broken, you have to keep it outside the door. It can't be repaired, which makes people feel helpless. Many electronic locks have added backup unlocking means or emergency interfaces, which undoubtedly reduces the safety.
[0004] electronic lock must use electricity:
Early electronic locks consumed a lot of electricity and generally used mains. The electronic lock of integrated circuit in 2013 consumes less power, and one button battery can maintain the operation of the control part, but driving electromagnet or motor needs larger battery or mains. Some people imagine to add a set of manual power generation device for self-release决用电问题,又使锁具更复杂了。相比之下,机械锁就不用考虑这个问题。


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