Brand story

The founder of the brand, Mr. Zhou Shengquan, has lived in the lock family since he was a child, he is influenced by the tenacious entrepreneurial spirit of Wenzhou people. However, the young Mr. Zhou did not inherit the family business at the beginning, but devoted himself to the stage, and enjoyed a high reputation in Wenzhou. Later, due to personal reasons, it’s no longer the desire of the entertainment industry,just as the interest, and devoted all their energy to the development of password locks. Mr. Zhou's tenacious entrepreneurial spirit, low-key diligence nature after success, management integrity and openness, and his rigorous attitude to solve problems make it one of China's well-known brands, and his factories and products continue to grow. Because of Mr.Zhou’s primal dreams , entrepreneurship and his excellent team. After 18 years of precipitation, He renamed the original Wenzhou Zeya Shengxin Hardware Lock Factory to Xinmima Combination Lock Co., Ltd., specializing in password padlocks, luggage locks, gift craft password locks, tool locks,laptop security locks and accessories Production. Based on the business tenet of "quality first, credit first, equality and mutual benefit, friendly cooperation", the company is looking forward to cooperate with customers at home and abroad to create a better tomorrow for the industry!

We have 20 years of experience in manufacturing locks

Since the 1990s, the Chinese market has begun to introduce the manufacturing technology of password locks. For Wenzhou, an open border city, opportunities and challenges always coexist in the face of new things. Especially for production-oriented companies, if they adhere to the original technology without innovation, they will eventually be eliminated by this market. If they stop forward, their development will not be strong, and the new passwords have grasped the mastery of technology and innovation,combining original methods with new technology and continuous innovation, always focusing on customer needs.

Development history
Talent concept

        Employees are the company's "first wealth", and talents are the company's "No.1 project". Human resources are the core of all resources of the company. Excellent talents are the company's precious wealth and the fundamental driving force for the company's sustained and rapid development.

 Xin mima requires that managers must be good at exerting the strengths and potentials of each employee, reasonably and effectively allocate and use human resources, so that each employee is in the best working state. We always think that losing talents is a major fault of managers, so our management of employee is centered on "will" rather than "ability".

 Xin mima adheres to the "people-oriented, develop hand in hand" employment policy, implements the employment idea of "there is no man good for nothing in the world, while just not in the right position" , follows the employment standard of "character first, ability second" , aggregates the,world's talents and achievements dream together.  

Enterprise Culture
    Using culture to inspire people and forever. Xin mima lock industry has always taken the construction of enterprise culture as an important driving force for the sound and rapid development of enterprise. It starts from various aspects such as refining corporate spirit, improving humanistic care, strengthening business        
     Management, creating learning atmosphere, and building efficient teams. Multi-form and comprehensive enterprise culture construction activities have formed a unique corporate culture pattern. Combining its own reality, Xin mima Lock Industry has inherited and carried forward its excellent tradition, established the core values of “creating value, pursuing excellence”, and created a Xin mima culture with the era of characteristics and enterprising spirit.

        The cultural concept is the deep root of the sustainable development of the enterprise. Xin mima lock enterprise's ultra-conventional and leap-type development process has shaped a unique corporate culture, that is the value shared by the people of Xin mima , the identity of the idea-to develop with the company and pursue the realization of the value of life; personal, enterprise, and social’s development all are closely linked.

Professional to Seiko quality , moderate price , prestige reliable

About us
      Wenzhou Xinmima Combination Lock Co.,Ltd is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production and sales of high and medium grade luggage accessories and lock products. The main products are high-grade combination locks, fingerprint padlocks, gift locks, motorcycle locks, furniture locks, decoration password locks, stationery locks, luggage locks, side locks and craft gifts, lock accessories, etc. The factory has a complete and scientific quality management system. The products are mainly sold to Europe and America, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East, South America and so on.

Our factory with strong technical force as well as scientific quality management covers more than ten thousand square meters, and two hundred workers. "Professional to Seiko quality, moderate price, prestige reliable” is our company cultural principles. Welcome customers to negotiate, and the development of planes to create brilliant !

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