The production method of password padlock with anti-pry and anti-peep mechanism

The production method of password padlock with anti-pry and anti-peep mechanism
[Patent description] password padlock with anti-pry and anti-peep mechanism
[0001] Cross-reference of related strings
[0002] This application requires the priority of the pending application N0.62/062,253 submitted on October 10, 2014, and all the contents of this application are hereby incorporated by reference.
Technical Field
[0003] This invention relates to the coded lock, more particularly, it refers to the coded lock which is constructed to make the unauthorized personnel unable to pry the lock.
[Background Technology]
[0004] many lock structures have been developed and these lock structures are widely used by individuals to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering and exiting the closed and locked areas. Because it is easy to use and becomes very popular, a specific type of coded lock is a kind of coded lock with multiple rotatable independent dial plates, and each dial forms one of the marks (usually numbers or letters, to form a combined code for unlocking.
[0005] some current locks have multiple false space zones in the lock case. These false space zones are associated with the release channel of the brake Bolt, with the intention of preventing the coded lock from being opened unexpectedly. However, the disadvantage of the existing design is that it allows intruders to attempt to forge combinations and open the padlock.
[Invention content]
[0006] the purpose of this invention is to provide a kind of coded lock, so that unauthorized personnel can not pry the lock.
[0007] Therefore, one aspect of this invention is a kind of coded lock which can operate at least in the lock-up mode and open mode. The coded lock includes:
[0008] lock the main body;
[0009] Hook ring, which has long leg and short leg;
[0010] stacked connectors, each adapter has a limited hole on the inner surface and protrusion on the outer surface, the hole is arranged into the said long leg which accepts the said hook ring; and
[0011] multiple dial plates can be rotatively installed on the said stack adapter to form a combination code, and each of the said dial plates is arranged into different connectors installed in the said adapter to form a scale盘-接合器组对,其中,所述锁主体包括主体部分和锁孔,所述主体部分用于容纳所述钩环的所述长腿部,所述锁孔与所述主体部分分隔开,所述锁孔被布置成当所述锁在所述上锁模式下操作时接纳所述钩环的短腿部,所述主体部分包括多个分隔片段和将所述分隔片段分开的多个间隙,其中,所述间隙中的每个和相邻的所述分隔片段中的一个与刻度盘-接合器组对关联,并且其中,所述刻度盘包括内环,所述内环具有用于接纳所述接合器的内径和开口槽,所述开口槽被确定尺寸成至少当所述锁在所述打开模式下操作时接纳所述接合器的突起。

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